Farzanegan School Yard Dibaji Mosque Minai neighborhood center Mehrabad Airport Pouya School, Current roof Kitchen Mogharnas plaster

Form&Meaning group seek it’s professional ideal in realizing the origin Islamic architecture. For reaching this aim in operation, we derived our work to use the main geometry of this architecture up to the unique proportion of it’s elements and it’s pure and genuine materials. Due to this career, probing the original patterns of Islamic architecture with variety of functions and also subtilizing in the geometry of it’s components, we have composite our knowledge with the new technology of this era. This group will offer it’s consequences to the quester of the enrich Islamic art and architecture.


May 1, 2013:

Unveiling the official website of Soratmana architecture group on the birth anniversary of the Lady Fatima Zahra (p.b.u.h)

April 26, 2013:

On Friday morning, May 26, 2013, Dr. Mohammad Reza Owliya, member of art and architecture board of Yazd University visited the Soratmana workshops in Qom. 

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